Arthurs Seat Eagle


The Arthurs Seat Eagle is Mornington Peninsula’s newest attraction.

The ride lets you enjoy an Eagle’s view in the safety and comfort of a gondola cabin. Each journey takes approximately 14 minutes one way.


Board a state-of-the-art gondola at the Arthurs Seat Eagle and fly over the state forest to the highest point of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. You will be torn between looking at the breathtaking view across the bay to the city and spotting wildlife as you soar high above the trees. Either way you have a bird’s eye view!

While you are visiting us, make sure you leave time to grab a snack or enjoy a meal in the Eagle Café, or stretch your legs on one of the many walking tracks through the Arthurs Seat State Park.

The all-weather Eagle carries passengers between the Base Station in Dromana to the summit of Arthurs Seat, passing high over the beautiful State Park. Passengers can board at either station. The ride is approximately 14 minutes each way and in busy periods such as school holidays, guests may have to disembark at each station.

A combination of enclosed and open cabins provides an all-weather experience for passengers. The Eagle is all inclusive and caters to the disabled, elderly, frail and toddlers.  It is wheelchair and pram friendly.


  • The Eagle has 34 gondolas
  • Each gondola can hold eight guests.
  • The summit is 314 metres high
  • The flight takes approximately 15 minutes each way
  • There is 120t of steel in the towers
  • Each gondola weighs 750 kgs
  • Over 10,000 metres of electrical cable is used overhead to transport the gondolas up and down the slope
  • The gondolas were manufactured in Switzerland
  • The tallest tower is 19 metres from the ground to rope level

They do not accept timed bookings – just turn up and jump aboard! LEARN MORE

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